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Mecadrum, experience and innovation

Created by the merger of ORMETRA and AMV (Ateliers de Mécanique de Valenciennes), the company Mecadrum has two-fold expertise and is recognised in all industries where the costs of operational losses are high and where high-value is placed on reliability (mines, steel industry, ports, cement plants, agri-food, automotive, etc.).

Mecadrum designs, produces and sells drums, drum motors, bearings, rollers and scrapers for conveyors and lifts.

For over 20 years, Mecadrum has developed its own calculation software and continually invests in high-performance production means (robots, CNC machines, etc.).

Thanks to these modern tools, Mecadrum, exports worldwide.

Our Engineering Design Department

We can provide assistance to you from preparing your specifications through to the manufacture of components for your belt conveyors.

Our 50 years’ experience and our strong capacity for innovation allow us to optimise your drums to reduce their cost, while at the same time improving their reliability.

The reduction in the number of your spare parts thanks to our standardisation expertise will allow you to simplify maintenance of your conveyors.

We can thus calculate:

  • the loads on the drums
  • the various stresses on the drums
  • the lifetime of the bearings

A High Tech production tool

Mecadrum has a highly efficient production tool thanks to a sustained investment policy over several years.

Our maximum manufacturing capacity is a maximum weight of 10 t per part.

Mecadrum produces several thousand drums per year.


A Quality Approach

Thanks to the quality approach it has had for over 25 years, Mecadrum is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Mecadrum has obtained Authorised Economic Operator status from the French customs (AEO). This status certifies the quality of our supply chain as well as Mecadrum’s financial soundness.

These two certifications facilitate export processes:




Specialist in drums and rollers for conveyors