Mecadrum | Ball-testing machines Brinella®
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Ball-testing machines Brinella®

The BRINELLA®  ball-testing machine is a MecadruM registered trademark.
It is used to perform high precision Brinell tests on parts of varied shapes and sizes, in any position, virtually everywhere, even in a reduced space.

The standard machine applies a load of 3000 kg on a 10 mm carbide ball.

It can apply other loads, such as for example, 1000 kg, 750 kg and use ball diameters of 5 mm and 2.5 mm.
The BRINELLA®  ball-testing machine is a light, robust and reliable precision instrument.

It is portable and can be used directly on your materials stock.

Taking test-pieces is not needed and operation is very simple.

The ball print is read directly on the part using a microscope with 30 x magnification allowing a reading of greater accuracy.