Mecadrum | Mecadrum, designs and makes all types of drums and supply any other components for conveyors : Pulleys, V-belt drums, winch drums, etc.
Mecadrum, international specialist of drum and components for conveyors
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MecadruM designs and makes all types of drums, pulleys, V-belt drums, winch drums, etc. of different materials (steel, stainless steel, lagged, etc.) including large sizes (maximum weight 10 tonnes).
We have thus designed and produced drums able to support significant loads (1 500 kN).


Design according to your specifications:
* Calculation of loads
* Complete sizing of the drum using our calculation software.
* Calculation of the lifetime of the bearings


Our factory manufactures to our design or according to customers’ drawings.
Our workshops have a significant machining capacity for diameters of up to 1600mm, lengths of 5m and weights of 10 tonnes.

Types of possible designs:
* Drum with welded shaft, if low loads
* Drum with heat-shrinking shaft, not removable
* Drum with removable shaft, with locking devices
* Drum with incorporated guide bearings and bearings
* Special drums


We offer different types of cold or hot vulcanised rubbers.

Rubber, ISO 284-340, food, anti-grease, ceramic.
All these laggings can be applied to removable shells to facilitate maintenance.

For any quotation, thank you for downloading, completing and of sending us data sheets essential to a prompt treatment of your demand.